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A selection of our most popular data services are included below. Have something else in mind? Try us! Contact us to discuss your requirements and see how Century can help your business.

Data Imports

Using a combination of Sage 200 in-built tools, our own SQL import tools we have developed in-house and our expert knowledge, we can import most types of data directly into your system.

Create New Company with some or all of another companies data

We can create a brand new separate company whilst retaining your existing company settings, preferences, your known nominal structure and accounts, customers, suppliers, stock codes and pricing. Opt for a new Sage 200 company with some or all of your source company data.

Data Cleansing

We can identify which of your customers and suppliers within Sage 200 you have not traded with in a timescale specified by you and delete their accounts from the system, using our own tools developed in-house.

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