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PaperLess for Sage 50 and Sage 200

PaperLess was born in 1997 in Oslo with the vision of improving the efficiency of accounting systems by using automatic invoice recognition, electronic document flow and archiving. With an expanding client base of 1700 installations across Europe, PaperLess has its headquarters in Dublin, Republic of Ireland. The PaperLess solution is integrated with an array of different accounting software, including Sage 50 Accounts and Sage 200 Suite, and manages the whole routine from scanning or adding electronic documents to processing them in the accounting system.

Installations Worldwide

PaperLess – Far more than just a simple document management solution

PaperLess software is a powerful solution that uses automatic invoice recognition, data input and document matching together with electronic document flow and online document exchange and approval to improve the efficiency of accounting systems. You can now take full advantage of your accounting solution with a simple, smart and secure software that allows you to seamlessly automate processes and increase your company productivity, profit margins and data accuracy levels.
Check now what PaperLess software can do for your business and discover why more than 1700 sites across Europe are already using it.

PaperLess Document Management for Sage

Increase Productivity Levels and Revenue Margins

  • With Automatic Invoice Recognition you can spend a lot less time on data input and increase your data accuracy levels by reducing human errors.
  • Management of a higher number of tasks and clients with the same resources giving you higher profit margins and increasing productivity levels across the entire company.
  • Post documents from PaperLess directly into your accounting software and create automatic workflows to make processes faster, more accurate and easier to handle.

Increased efficiency levels with system automation

  • Automatic data input with PaperLess automatic invoice recognition – up to 90% accuracy levels.
  • Faster and automatised processes with increased accuracy levels. You can for example make the automatic matching and closing of Purchase Orders with discrepancy handling.
  • Don’t waste time looking for documents, with PaperLess powerful search feature all your data is accessible at the touch of a button.

Reduction in operational costs across the entire company

  • Automation of Purchase Ledger Processing reducing associated costs up to 80%
  • Savings in operational costs with printing and storage costs going down dramatically. Save also on archive maintenance costs and the time you spend looking for documents.
  • Reduce paper wastage, time and resources spent on inputting data.

Gain competitive advantages and differentiation factors

  • Live communication and online collaboration with clients, allowing them to be part of the entire process and easily post and exchange documents.
  • Live data transfer allowing to quickly act upon any situation. Gain full control over all data and documents with identification of all people involved in the accounting process.
  • Increase your data security levels both by keeping track of all operations and to easily recover all the information in case of disaster.

PaperLess Document Management in a nutshell

PaperLess Online Invoice Approval

How Can PaperLess Help Your Business?

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