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Due to new GDPR regulations, we are deleting our current email subscriber list on Friday 18th May 2018 and kindly ask you to re-subscribe to our new list in order to continue receiving important updates from us via email.

The content of emails from us include:

  • Notifications of support issues or queries you have personally logged with us, including case updates and resolution notes.
  • Important product announcements
  • Information regarding upcoming legislative changes
  • Century Software company updates and announcements
The process is quick and easy, please simply fill in your name and email address. You’ll receive a quick confirmation email, please confirm your email address using the link inside the email to complete. You will not be subscribed unless you confirm your email. You may unsubscribe at any time.
We loathe spam and never send unnecessary emails or disclose or sell your information to anyone else.
If you do not wish to resubscribe, we’re sorry to see you go, you need not do anything. After Friday 18th May 2018 you won’t hear from us again as we will delete you from our list.
Thanks for taking a moment to confirm that you still want to hear from us.
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