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Critical Sage Line 100 Error Identfied, Affecting All Sites

'Arithmetic Overflow' errors halt Line 100 processing




In the past week a critical issue has been identified within the older Sage Line 100 product, which began to seriously affect the processing of most businesses still using the software today for live processing.

A typical error may read:-
Error at line number 726 of PUR-MONTH-END
Arithmetic overflow
Destination field NEXT-END-DATE [  4, 0]
Accumulator value 32781

We’re finding that the problem differs from site to site, certain reports such as Sales Ledger Aged Debtors report and Purchase Ledger Aged Creditors report may no longer run. You may not be able to post invoices from the SOP module to the Sales Ledger, or process a POP Goods Received note. You may not be able to carry out a month or year end. This is not an exhaustive list and further issues are expected. The problem is due to certain date fields within the program not having the correct field length to store the date in numeric form in the number of days since 1932.

Sage Line 100 has not been in active development now for many years and has been unsupported by Sage UK since 2014. As such, Sage UK no longer have the ability in house to publish a fix and encourage customers to migrate away from Sage Line 100 immediately.

Here at Century, we know just how crucial it is that you can continue to utilise your systems and how vital this is to your business processes. Century have the ability and the Line 100 & retreive 4GL development experience in house to patch these errors for you and allow your business to continue using Sage Line 100 in the short term. We’re already helping a few of our own supported customers patch the errors so that they can continue working. We will work with clients to migrate their existing data up to the modern Sage 200 Professional 2021 R1 system – but only when they are ready to do so, not on anyone elses timescale. Migrating from an older product line takes time, experience and time to test – that businesses should not be rushed into in an ideal world.

Century would like to extend out a helping hand to any other sites experiencing errors on Sage Line 100 during this time. Even if you are supported by another Sage Business Partner, your old support partner has ceased trading, or you may have been supported by Sage direct. Give us a call on 0121 557 2300 and speak to our friendly team or drop us an email via our contact form below and we’ll get back to you.

We’ll work with you to patch your errors and get you up and running again. Then, when your business is in a more comfortable position (and if you would like to), we can work together to migrate you up the product line to Sage 200 Professional, the natural upgrade path and evolved successor to Line 100 and MMS. For more information on this process see our migration hub.

Kind Regards,
Century Software Limited

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