Over time Sage withdraw official support for older products so they can focus resources on their latest software offerings. The most recent being Sage 200 Version 2016, available now for new customer sales and for existing customers to upgrade.

Sage 200 Version 2009 support was discontinued last year. Sage 200 Extra 2010 is no longer supported from 31 October 2016. This includes Sage 200 CRM 7.0. We would strongly advise anyone still using these versions to contact Century Software to book your low cost upgrade to the latest version.

Sage 200 Extra 2011, which proved to be a very popular upgrade and we have many clients currently still using this version, will also no longer be supported by Sage from 31 October 2017. In the coming twelve months we would highly recommend that you contact Century Software to plan your upgrade.

If you would like to identify which version you are using, once logged in to Sage 200, use the Help menu to select About Sage 200. A version build number such as 7.00.44 is shown. Look at the first number i.e. 7, and compare to this table below.

6 – Sage 200 Version 2009
7 – Sage 200 Version 2010
8 – Sage 200 Version 2011
9 – Sage 200 Version 2013
9.02 – Sage 299 Version 2013 R2
10 – Sage 200 Version 2015
11 – Sage 200 Version 2016